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“Gisele Jackson is a Diva…”

— Billboard Magazine

Concerto Magazine (I)

On the next evening, much more soulful and impulsive, Former Raylette Gisele Jackson entered the stage together with Raphael Wressnig & The Soul Gift Band. They substituted the John Abercrombie Quartet (they had to cancel their appearance due to illness). Due to this, the festival missed one veritable Jazz-concert, but on the other hand, the audience and the organizer got to know the true promise of the real and biggest popular success. You would never guess that Ms. Jackson and Raphael Wressnigs formidable, groovy band met there at this Blues- and Soul-Party for the first time. Overall you can say, that this time inspiring Gisele stole China (Moses) show right from the spot.

Concerto Magazine (II)

Gisele Jackson’s spectrum is versatile. At this year’s Vienna Blues Spring Festival she delivered a brilliant performance! Blues plays an important part in her musical orientation, so it was no surprise that she indulged the music of the Mojo Blues band and further put the audience under her spell…

Bay Buzz Music Writes…

“There was another surprise, and that was not a tune by Steely Dan…Vocalist Gisele Jackson, a veteran of tours with Donna Summer and the immortal Ray Charles. Jackson got her Aretha Franklin on with a rendition of “Rock Steady” that absolutely brought the house down. Jackson’s soaring vocal cemented her place in the power diva pantheon. She was a force of nature and the crowd leapt to their feet in appreciation.”

Phil Traynor