Club 54

Originally from Baltimore MD, singer Gisele Jackson was introduced to her love for music in the cradle.  Aretha Franklin, Mavis Staples and John Lee Hooker were among her “Jukebox” babysitters who entertained and occupied Gisele as her father prepared Soul Food Suppers in his club’s kitchen. Moving to Brooklyn, NY where the soul of the city embraced the young artist, making it her heart and home, Gisele began her career as a “Raylette“ in the backing vocals group of Ray Charles and in Donna Summer’s band.

Disco Show in the spirit of “Studio 54”

Her club classic „Love Commandments“ climbed to number 3 on the Bill Board Dance Charts, one of the highlights of her career. Currently, Gisele Jackson has fulfilled one of her long-desired aspirations in putting together a Disco Show in the spirit of the legendary „Studio 54“. From the dancefloor of this New York disco, anthems like „YMCA“, „Last Dance“ and „I love the nightlife“ took the music world by storm.

The pop group CHIC wrote their mega-hit „Le Freak“ after being refused entry into the club by a bouncer. The song became a dance floor favorite at Studio 54 and a worldwide hit. (Thus giving Chic VIP status.) Disco isn’t only a music genre. It was and is an attitude and lifestyle. This is the energy Gisele brings to the stage with her Disco band.

Disco classics such as, „On the Radio“, „I want your love“, „Pull up to the bumper“ and many more are performed in this finely arranged show. Rare cuts and seldom-played gems of the genre like, „Doctor Love“, „Native New Yorker“ and „Taste of bitter love“ will also spice up the set, played by her top-class band.

Line Up:

  • Gisele Jackson – vocals
  • Werner Wurm – trombone, arrangements
  • Simon Plötzender – trumpet
  • Peter Panayi – guitar/vocals
  • Patrick Zambonin – bass
  • Alex Sebr- keyboards/piano
  • Markus Adamer – Drums